Our mission is to unite people of all faiths for religious freedom: the ability to believe, speak, assemble & exercise faith in a way that is fair for all.


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For Religious Freedom is a grassroots community joining together people of diverse faiths and political views in support of religious freedom.

  1. The Freedom to Believe: No one should be attacked, persecuted or criticized for their beliefs about God.
  2. The Freedom to Share and Speak: All are entitled to speak and share their beliefs with others, whether as parents in the home, or in the public square.
  3. The Freedom to Assemble and Associate: Individuals are entitled to gather peacefully to worship and form religious organizations with autonomy to make decisions regarding their mission and membership without government interference.
  4. The Freedom to Live and Exercise Faith: Each person is entitled to live pursuant to the dictates of their own conscience, both in private and public.

Our community is truly grassroots: we depend on our members to invite friends, add content and make donations. As a community, we do not pretend to agree on all particulars, but seek to be civil, become informed about issues, engage in rational dialogue and act to support religious freedom in a manner that is fair for all. As a community we reaffirm the important role of religion in public life and critical need to protect religious freedom for all.

For Religious Freedom provides forums for people to:

  1. Become informed about the principles of religious freedom, potential threats, possible solutions and the critical role of religious freedom and religion in society and
  2. Join with other like-minded people as they act to support religious freedom.

As we do so, we support an architecture that preserves a just and fair society, protecting the maximum amount of freedom for all.

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