For Religious Freedom is a community joining together people of all faiths in support of religious freedom:

  1. The Freedom to Believe: All people have the right to choose their own religious beliefs and religious affiliations without government restraint.
  2. The Freedom to Live and Exercise Faith: All people are entitled to live openly and freely according to their faith both in private and public, as long as they respect the fundamental rights of others.
  3. The Freedom to Share and Speak: All people are entitled to speak and share their beliefs with others both in private and public. Everyone, including religious organizations and churches, has the right to be heard and to publicly promote their values and beliefs.
  4. The Freedom to Assemble and Associate: All people are entitled to freely gather and worship, as well as to form religious organizations with autonomy to make decisions regarding their mission and membership without government interference.

As we raise our voice in support of religious freedom, we seek to understand others, be civil, persuade and reasonably discuss issues. As a community we reaffirm the important role of religion in public life and the critical need to protect religious freedom for all.