Why People of Faith Object

Essentially all people have deeply rooted beliefs about what they consider good or bad, positive or negative. For most, there are actions that violate their conscience so significantly that they simply will not participate in them, even if severely punished. Understanding and appreciating the beliefs of different religions is important to preserving religious freedom and seeking viable solutions to religious freedom disputes. While exact beliefs vary greatly among different people and faiths, certain categories of beliefs are held by many faiths in some form and frequently arise in religious freedom claims. Recognizing general similarities between different faiths can help us to appreciate and be more considerate when there are differences. The following are some common bases of religious objections.

     Meet People of Faith

For Religious Freedom is preparing to launch a new project. Research shows that prejudice often diminishes after meeting someone from a particular faith group. Make sure your faith is well represented. Share with others a little bit about yourself and why your faith matters to you.


Follow a specific denomination.